Earn some extra cash by using Amazon mechanical Turk in free time

earn money by amazon mechnical turk
Amazon mechanical Turk is a subsidiary of Amazon.com, gives people the opportunity to earn money by working from home whenever they want and using the skills they already have. This is best option for students and housewives in India.

We have to perform simple task like identifying objects in photograph, transcribing text and giving some opinion. Amazon Mechanical Turk allows to be paid for doing these simple tasks anytime, anywhere, and now in rupees also. It’s the simplest way to earn some extra cash in part time.

What is Amazon mechanical Turk or Mturk  ?
It’s a service from amazon to work on small jobs that can’t be completed automatically by computers. Such as identifying objects in a photo or video, rate or like a website, share the contents on social media sites, transcribing audio recordings, finding some data online, review a product or site, filling some survey and hundreds of different tasks.

How does it work?
You can earn money by doing tasks you qualify for. The longer you spend time on this site the more money you can earn.

How do I get paid?
You get paid by Amazon. The money goes to your Amazon account and you can either buy stuff through Amazon with the money you earn or you can deposit the money into your bank account. The minimum payout is about $10.

How do I join  ?
  1. Visit the web www.mturk.com and register as worker.
  2. You have to fill all details on signup page.
  3. After that they review you’re a\c and approved it.
  4. Once your account get approved you can start.

How to start earn money  ?
Once you signup on MTurk login to your account and view thousands of HITs available there. Click the “Accept HIT” button while viewing the HIT. Complete the HIT according to its instructions, fill out the form with the results, and click the “Submit HIT” button. After you submit your results for the HIT, another similar HIT will be presented for you to accept.

Some Terms..!!
Worker:-  A person who wants to make money on MTurk & completes the tasks provided by requester.
Requester:-  A person, website owner or a company who provides the tasks to MTurk.

HIT:-  Human Intelligence Task, or HIT, is nothing but task provided by the requester to be completed.

 Tips to use
  1. Stay away from hits that ask for your name, address and credit card details. 
  2. Avoid hits with high pay that appear to be too good to be true. 
  3. Read the instructions carefully in order to complete the hit correctly otherwise you won’t get   paid.
  4. Check the rating of requester before doing HIT.

MTurk is really one of the cool & best options for decent earnings but you need to keep some patience. Initially for 1-2 months, you have to work on very small hits and increase your approval rate so that you will be eligible for better commission hits. Many people from the world are earning a decent amount from it.

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