The Beggar’s Business idea

beggars business idea
Sometimes in our Life, we found such incident that surprised us. They made us to think about them again and again. Some of them make us laugh or some we never want to remember again. Some make us to feel proud or some of them are our best memories.

 But there is one thing that is common in all that is each has a new experience. It may be bad or good, but each gives us something new to learn.

There was such an incident that happens with my friend. He told me about it. I was also little surprised to hear that. It’s about how a beggar turned into business women. A man advice changed her whole life.

It’s when he was travelling by the train. One old man and his wife were sitting in front of him. The old man was talking with others. The trains stopped at a station. A young beggar came there. She was begging for some food.

People over there started giving her lecture that why she was begging etc. But no one gave her anything to eat. The old women stopped her and gave something to eat. She asked why she was begging. She can do any work.

She said “what she can do?” nobody gave him work. She has no one in her life. This is the only way she has.

The old man noticed that there were some people who wanted newspaper, magazine to read. He got an idea. He told that she could start selling magazine to the people at railway station. She could do this but had no money to start.

The old man took her to the magazine stall and bought some magazines. He gave them to her and said you can start with it.  

The trained stopped there for half an hour. In that time the lady was again there. She had some money in her hand. She sold all magazines she had, to the people in the train. She was happy and gave the money back to the old man.

The old man told why she was giving back that money. She said that from now she was not a beggar anymore. She found her way to start. She thanked them for their help.

Now she was ready for her new life with a little money in her hand that she saved from the magazine selling and an idea to start and off course blessing from the old couple.

She collected the money by selling magazines 2 rs more than actual price and people purchase it because it was good for them to buy it with extra 2 rs rather than to go outside and purchase. This gets the lady to earn 2rs for same work that she was doing when begging from train to train.

It was an idea that turned a beggar into business women. It may be a small business but better than begging.

There is always a way to do. But we have to find it. We can’t say when a moment comes in the life and our whole life change. 

Do you have any such incident?
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