Basic Ways to Make Money Online without investment

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India has shown an increase in the number of Internet users and with them the chances of online money making is also increasing. That’s why most people are wanted to know how to make money online.

Some people also think that it is not possible to earn money online. I want to tell them today it is possible with the help of technology. Many people in the foreign countries are earning a decent amount by working online.

But in India, it is a new concept. Many people already started earning online in India. Snapdeal, Flipkart, Paytm etc. are some example of them. I know these are big companies but they are earning online.

So it is possible to earn money online. If they can do it you can also. You need some good ideas which you can find on this blog.

Today in this post I am going to write some basic idea that can make extra money for you. You don’t need to do more work but have to put these ideas and work on them.

You can put these ideas into your daily life to earn extra money….!!

1.  Change your Search engine
Search engine is something that helps us to find information on the net like Google. Whenever we need to search something we go on Google and use it. That way gets what info we need. We generally used it 5 to 10 times or more in day and got nothing from it.

You know if you use Swagbucks then you can earn money by searching your desired info. It will works like Google or I say that all the result comes from Google or Bing. So you do not need to worry about result.

Using swagbucks search engine can earn for you 500 to 1000 rs or more (depends on your work) shopping voucher from amazon, snapdeal etc. you can get money in Paypal a/c also. Just make it your homepage and start using it. You can read more here.

2. Register on Survey site
This is another method of earning money online. This is broadly famous and easy. You have to register on survey site and when the survey is available they email you. You complete the survey and earn money.

Is it not so easy? Open your email and give answers of some questions. You can earn 500 rs by this. But if you want to earn more you can register on 3 or more survey sites that can make you more money.

3 Doing Micro jobs in free time
Micro jobs are like comment on blog, like Fb pages, doing a small survey etc. You can also earn by doing this types of short jobs. There is some site that pays for doing this kind of jobs. You can earn 5000 to 10,000 by this method. One of them is amazon Mturk that is broadly famous. There is other like, etc. You can choose that suits you best.

4 By clicking ads or watching videos
This method of earning money is not quite good and little boring. But if you have good network or I say a list of good friends then you can earn more than 10000 rs by referring friends. You don’t believe that many people are earning 50,000 per month by this method.

One of the sites that pay for clicking ads is Clixsense. It has a good payment record. There are other many you can Search them and choose. But beware some of them are fraud.

You have options here like Survey, Micro jobs, watching videos, Clicking ads etc. if you are free then this can be one best option for you.

5 Register on Cash back sites
Online shopping is very popular now a day. We all are part of it and using it to purchase many things like electronics gadget, vegetables, clothes etc. Even mobile recharges are doing online.

And the deals and Coupans made us to purchase online even we don’t need that time. That is very common to do shopping just because of today is 50% off or cash back.

But you know that you can also earn money on that deals and coupan too. Yes these are called Cashback sites. You can earn extra money here after using deals and applying Coupans.

Here I have an example like if Paytm is offering 50% cash back on 100 rs recharges then you get 150 rs recharge. But if you use cash back sites then you get 150 recharge+ 4 rs etc. in your a/c as cash back. If you use to purchase a mobile phone worth 5000 rs then you have here 200 to 300 rs.

You can save good amount on your daily life by using that cash back sites. You know that saving every penny is equal to earning a penny. Then why wait go and register here.

6 Use Android Apps
You are thinking that how can we earn by using android apps. Actually it is not making money system but saving money system. You install android apps they pay you; you refer friends they pay more to you.

You already have seen that install app and get 10 rs recharges or get amazon gift voucher. Installing these apps can give you a good experience of using a good cab, enjoying pizza at discount rate, travelling to other place etc.

I want to give an example of my friend that doing it. He gets 500 rs shoes by snapdeal android app and now he used Ola, Uber cabs to travel. He also enjoyed food at cheap rate at five star hotels.

Is it not sounding good? to have good memory with spending less money.
Today, there are many android apps that are paying good money. They are works on referring method. You refer your friend and you earn money. They pay you in form of recharge, shopping voucher etc.

So start using them they earn for you extra income and a good experience.

7 Participate in Competition’s
Taking part in competition’s can be a great option for earning money. You know that there are many competitions online as well as offline. You can take part in them and can win movie vouchers, shopping voucher etc.

You can find them online on Facebook pages, Forums and offline on radio channel, Newspaper. I know that it’s not easy to win every time but if there is a chance then there is a winner also. Then why not give a try may be you win. If not then you get a good experience.

8 Be a Freelancer
It’s a new concept in India. It works for them who have some skills like programming, web deigns, logo design etc. You will get more details on this later at this blog. Till then try other ways of money making.

These are the basic methods that can make you extra money in India. These are good for students because by using it they can make their students life even better by enjoying extra money with friends.

These methods are also good for housewives or who want to make extra income at home.
Give them a try today

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