How to Make Extra Money by searching web Online in India

Hello friends,

I am going to tell another way by which I am earning extra 1000 rs per month. It is simple way and does not require any hard work. This method works at home or other place as well. It’s by searching web online at home.

Let’s come to the topic we all know that internet has become a great source of information today. The whole world’s news is under only one click. We need to access web or information for our work or study purpose so we use Google or yahoo to search these webs.

These are the best search engine that helps in our work but while using them we don’t get paid. Is it not good if we can earn money online by searching these webs?

Of course it is good. We all want extra money.

But the question is that, is it possible?

And the ans  is Yes .

You can earn money by searching web online and this can be done by trying another search engine instead of Google. There is some search engine that pays money for searching web online.

This is great way to earn some extra cash while you are at home. This way you will not get rich but get some extra amount for Diwali gifts. You can earn around 10,000 rs extra by trying these search engines.

 What you have to do?
There is nothing more to do just replace your search engine with following site and start earning money. The following search engine pays you money for trying them. They are same as Google. They also pays for Poll , Survey etc.

These are following…!!

Swagbucks is an online search engine that pays you for searching web or polls. You can transfer the money to PayPal account or amazon gift cards. This site is broadly famous in USA or UK. Many people use it for earning money at home. You can sign up here.

This site pays for filling in polls, watching videos and searching using its page instead of Google. The more dedicated you are, the more you earn, though every task pays a different amount. I am also using it. The main points of this web are below…!!
  • Good for earning money at home.
  • You can earn 1000 rs per month.
  • Payment is done by Amazon or PayPal.
  • Join Today here

Using this means you can get 1000 rs shopping per month at amazon. Is it not good..??  that is enough to pay your shopping bills.

It is another search engine that pays for searching the web. This is same as swagbucks but pay less money. The main points are below…!!
  • Min earning is 500/ month
  • Payment is done by paypal.
  • Sign up here.

Cashcrate is third type of search engine that pays money for online search. It also pays for online survey, watching movies and playing games. CashCrate used to have a search toolbar that would pay $0.50 for every 25 searches made. There was a limit of 10 qualifying searches per day, so users could earn about $0.20 per day just for searching the internet.

Cashcrate is first search engine that I use after I move to Swagbucks. Swagbucks has good payment record and more earning options than Cashcrate.
The main features of Cashcrate are below..
  • Min payout is $20.
  • Paid by check.
  • You can join here.

I strongly recommended you to join Swagbucks , because it has good payment record. You can also go with another search engine. This way you make extra money by searching web online. It is good for students, Housewife or I say for everybody who wants to earn extra money at home.

Give it a try today…!!

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